Friday, January 6, 2017

Topsy Turvy

 Well, 2017 has certainly been keeping me busy! I've had so much sewing mojo this week, that I actually got 3 tops churned out.
 I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm in the midst of a retro phase.  But, I needed some vibrant color in the middle of all of this cold and snow. So, I pulled out this fabric and decided to give McCall's M5721 another go. My first attempt was view D, but that didn't work out too well. This time, I sized down and made view C.

The success of the faux wrap vest made me realize that layering pieces are key to me right now. I have been living in hoodies and cardigans all winter and I really want to change it up a little bit. So, I pulled out McCall's M5535 and altered the main pattern by leaving off the sleeves.
Image result for mccalls m5535
 Although this is actually a dress pattern, I think it will work well over leggings or skinny jeans. And, it will still be functional in the Spring and Autumn.
I also threw in a cozy contemporary tunic made from soft sweatshirt fleece and some drapey viscose knit. You know, for those days that I want to go to work in my pajamas but need to look classy about it. ;)
I have actually made this top a couple of times now, but I didn't shorten it this time around and I love the length with my leggings.

A productive year so far! Now back to the sewing room...


sonja said...

What a great tops. The color blocking on each top is well done and are a beautiful match.

bolavita kari said...

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