Friday, September 2, 2016

Fuschia is the New Red.

 A few things that I learned during this garment construction:
- Dyeing fabric outside is the pits
- I have been measuring myself incorrectly
- I still measure myself incorrectly
 I purchased this heavy-ish weight cotton fabric as part of a bag full of remnants at a thrift store some time ago, and it has been sitting on my shelf being ugly since then.  It wasn't until my mother-in-law came to visit that the idea to dye it occurred to me. I mean, the pattern isn't too terrible, but those colors are just so....dated.
 So, I ran off to the store hoping to buy a red dye, but they were out of red. Oh well. Fuschia it is! After that, I decided to cut my pattern pieces before hand, and process the fabric in a bucket outside. Ummm... dumb. Lugging hot water to my backyard and sitting in the sun while stirring for 10-30 minutes was the opposite of fun. But, I persevered! Well, for 15 minutes. It's fuschia enough.

After the dyeing debacle, I looked forward to the ease of constructing a skirt. This is a pattern that I have used several times, but recently discovered that I was cutting a larger size than I needed. So, I scaled down to a small, fitted it with pins before stitching the sides, and sewed it together confidently. STILL TOO BIG!! I then took out the zipper, brought the side seam in another inch, and reattached the zipper.  STILL TOO BIG!!

What the actual heck?
Now it lays weird because it sits low on my hips. Don't care. You also can't see the pleating details because I have to wear a long shirt with it. Don't care. And, my pictures are wonky because I wore this to work all day and had my son snap some shots when I got home. Don't care.

This is a functional piece that was made from a throw-away remnant that could have sat in my stash for eternity. That's a win for me.

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