Thursday, March 24, 2016

Back in the Saddle..

 As spring break is now upon us, I will be escaping my winter den and hitting the road toward warmer climates. This means many, many hours spent in the car over the course of the next week.

Being an old hand at these road-tripping adventures means that I was looking for a solution to the lower lumbar ache that starts to pain me about 6 hours into driving. As per usual, I waited until a few days before scheduled departure to finally tackle this item on my "To Do" list. ;)
 Fortunately, I didn't have to search for a pattern since I remembered a post that Sue at Fadanista put up a month or so ago. She had made some triangular neck pillows for her family to use while camping, and I thought they looked perfect for my back needs.
 The original pattern is offered for free at the Sew4Home website, and it only requires 4 pieces. This is a great scrap-busting project, and the fabric type is very flexible. I used quilting cotton on mine because I have LOADS of it.
 These things are SOOOO fast and easy. I actually made 5 of them in an afternoon (most of the time was spent choosing fabrics), and I have already given 2 of them away to other back-problem-sufferers.
After the first pillow, I chose to omit the ribbon handles. I couldn't really figure out their purpose, and the gals in one of my Facebook groups assured my that they weren't necessary. I also played with the amount of stuffing and found that the plump, over-stuffed amount of fill is perfect for my back. My favorite projects are the ones that are easy to customize and only take a few hours.

Time to hit the road!

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