Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Susie Homemaker

Aprons, man.
Living in a major city near dozens of thrift stores for most of my life, I had no appreciation for the utility of a kitchen apron. Why put on another article of clothing before I cook, when I could just replace my tomato-sauce-stained t-shirts at the local thrift for less than $1? It didn't make sense. But, now that I live out in the boonies where thrift stores are scarce and clothes are expensive, I get it. So, when I finally stumbled upon this "tutorial" for a "Flirty Apron," I dove into it with gusto!

 The red apron was my first experience following the measurements and instructions provided to me. The belt straps were insanely long, the pocket doesn't really make sense on the front (and it is way too big to be practical), and that bottom ruffle is just not my style.

So, I made the sunflower apron with my own adjustments - rick rack instead of ruffle, side pocket (with a quickie applique), and shorter straps at the waist. I accidentally made the neck strap a little long on this one, but it's not a huge issue.
 One of the things that I most appreciate about this particular design is that it is so basic and infinitely embellishable (is that a word? It is now.). Also, this project is a great way to use up my ever-accumulating scraps!
Now I just have to find a place to keep them in my crowded kitchen. :P

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