Saturday, February 20, 2016

Soopah Star!

 I have been looking for a good "palazzo"-style pants pattern for awhile now.  Most of the styles that I have come across are elastic waist versions, and I am NOT into elastic waist. I know that a lot of people enjoy the comfort and versatility of elastic in their pants, but I hate it. It's so bulky and scrunchy and gross. So, when I came across this Simplicity pattern I was geeked about the fitted waist, wide-leg pant style.
 I had a lovely lightweight cotton blend fabric that would be perfect for this project, but I have serious fitting issues when I sew. It seemed like making a muslin would be the smart thing to do, and I had this TRULY HEINOUS polyester-type, red, granny fabric that entered my home mysteriously. I honestly do not remember where on Earth I would have gotten it from.
 Anyway, once I had sewn up the muslin, the fit was so AMAZING that I couldn't justify tossing this garment away. I mean, yeah the fabric is not my favorite, but it's not like people don't wear polyester pants (they still do, right?). The red was slightly off-putting, but I figured I could jazz it up a little to suit my tastes.
 And, so I did. I thought of dip-dying the hems, but...polyester. Instead, I grabbed my fabric markers and made a star stencil, and away we went....
Obviously, this fabric doesn't drape that well, but I'm cool with it. I also made a black pair for work from that lovely cotton, but after embellishing the muslin my intended pair seem so BORING! The red "practice" pair are my fave right now. The crotch could come up a smidge on this pattern, but they are still incredibly comfortable and SO FUN to wear!

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sonja said...

You're a star. It's always a bonus when the muslin turns out so good that you can wear it. Enjoy your pants.