Thursday, February 4, 2016

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

 I wear t-shirts all of the time. I pair them with hooded sweatshirts in the cold weather which means that I am basically a grown woman that dresses like a lazy teenager because knits are just SO COMFORTABLE!! So, I thought I would make myself a knit top that was a little more adult.
 This McCall's pattern was just as easy as the claim on the envelope. I made view "F" which has these beautiful drapey folds that cascade down from a low neck.
 There is a band at the bottom that creates a "blouson" effect (McCall's word, not mine) which also hugs my hips just right. The medium size fit really well with no alterations.
 This top requires a tank top or camisole underneath. Any lining top with a sleeve gets caught up at the shoulders and makes the drape weird. I'm wearing a tank in the photos. (Ignore the wonky shoulder. I have no mirror in my sewing room). 
 Sadly, the side view is a little too "maternity" looking for my taste.
I don't know about this one, guys. It's very comfortable in a lightweight knit, but the shape that it gives me makes me self-conscious. If I settle the band higher on my hips it looks frumpy, but if I pull it down I get a belly pooch that looks like a baby bump. This is what happens when I try to adult!!!

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