Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cold Weather Cap

 Wyoming is a state of weather extremes. In the summer it can get ridiculously hot (think desert), and in the winter it is often frigidly cold (we are not strangers to negative numbers on the thermometer). So, when I came across this McCall's pattern last winter-ish, I thought I could sew up something that would keep the heat from escaping my head while also looking stylish!
 Of course, style is in the eye of the beholder, and I have never sewn this pattern before, so I chose some flannel and felt that had been languishing in my stash for awhile and that I wouldn't miss if this turned in to a disaster.
 Fortunately, I have sewn hats in the past and was comfortable with the pattern pieces provided with this design. I have never actually made a cap style before, but it is not so different from sun hat construction. One additional effort that I made for this project was to actually hand sew the lining in. HAND-SEWN, you guys! I'm pretty proud of myself.
 The shape came together beautifully even though I only interfaced the flannel. I thought that the felt had enough body to stand on its own. I was right, I think.
 The button accessories are one of the features that I liked most about this pattern, so I dove in to my neutral color button stash joyfully. I really need to sew more items with buttons because the picture below only represents about 10% of my total button inventory.
 The instructions said to use a covered button for the top of the cap, but I found this beautiful faux-wood-grain button that was too glorious to pass up.
 The side buttons are more of a pearlescent tiger's eye design.
 I love the orange bio-hazard look on the top of that hat.
 The front is pretty boring, but the scorpions give it a little pizzazz.
 Those side buttons are so super cute on this!
The fit on this is perfect (I mean, how hard is it to measure a head??), but I have no pictures of me wearing it. I almost think that this cap could be worn by either my son or myself, so this will be a valuable addition to our winter gear. Also, I'm thinking my family may be getting sick of knit hats and scarves for Christmas, so maybe caps for next year!?!?


Denise Smith said...

Very cute. I love hats, never thought about making one. You work has inspired me:)

Angela said...

Thanks!If you're new to hat sewing, I definitely recommend this pattern. So easy!