Monday, January 18, 2016

Boys Don't Cry Birthday Bag

 A couple of months ago, a friend that I work with told me that she was going to a Cure concert this year. Obviously, my first reaction was, "Are they still touring!?!? How old is Robert Smith??" But, after getting over the shock of knowing that a band that I loved in high school is still around, I remembered that I had a few Cure T-Shirts (circa 1990's) hanging out in the bottom of my stash. I kind of filed it away in my brain as a future project, but then I found out that her birthday is this month and decided to get to making something for her.
 I have this messenger bag pattern that I have made many, many, many times because it is easy to customize and quick to sew. I actually whipped one up for myself over the holiday since it is a convenient bag to sling over a mountain of winter wear.
 I added homemade piping for the very first time, and extended the strap attachment for additional support and a super cool sporty look.
 I had some initial trouble deciding on a coordinating fabric for this t-shirt, but my Facebook Stashbusting group came to the rescue. They suggested that I use the hand-dyed yellow cotton that I showed them since it was being used for the lining, and lighter colors make it easier to see the stuff in your bag. You can't see the lining in these pics, but I also used the fabric on the underside of the strap.
 Speaking of the strap, the top side is made from some flannel-backed vinyl that I bought for my son's Invention Convention project last year (Cellphone Gauntlet - in case you were wondering), and I am so glad that I found a project to use up the bulk of that fabric that has been sitting - forgotten - on my shelf! As you can see from this picture without the front flap, I used the vinyl on the bottom of the bag as well:
Have we had enough of the terrible cell phone pictures on this blog? Maybe I should quit being a lazy and pull out my nice camera from now on. 

I really hope that my friend likes the gift. I always get really insecure about gifting things that I have made to people that don't understand the care and effort that goes into it. But, if nothing else, at least it is thoughtful - right?

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YveeB said...

Such a cool bag. Your friend is a Cure fan, how could she not like it?