Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ain't Yo Momma's Jean Skirt

A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to the free PDF patterns on the Lekala Sewing Patterns website. Upon perusal, I came across this gem of a skirt:

 Swirls and twirls!!! I needed it in my life immediately.

 So, I embarked on my very first PDF pattern journey. The process of printing out this pattern was pretty simple since it is only 2 pattern pieces, and I traced it on to some end of roll newsprint paper to add the seam allowances. I was patting myself on the back the whole time and thinking that I was such a badass for conquering my fear of PDF patterns.
 Funny story, though....As I was putting together a wearable muslin out of some quilting cotton in my stash, I had gotten into such a blissful sewing groove that I forgot to fit the skirt until I was just about finished.
 D'Oh! When I finally tried it on, the waist was WAY TOO BIG! I mean, like, 4+ inches too big. Whoops. It turns out that my late-night internet surfing resulted in mixing up measurements and creating a PDF pattern for a MUCH, MUCH larger waist than I needed. Yikes.
 Measuring ensued, the pattern was marked up with my changes, and the muslin skirt was taken in as much as possible.  It is still too big for me, but I'm okay with letting this one go. It was just a practice skirt, after all.
The final product, on the other hand, came together like a dream. Well, a weird, crazy dream where you are on a train that follows tracks through space, or something... 
 You see, I don't buy denim yardage. I buy thrift store jeans, or use old, unworn jeans for my denim projects. What that means, is that I had to cut up 4 pair of jeans and sew them together in order to make panels that I could cut this pattern out of. I dealt with different denim colors, weights, and grains. Super loads of fun.
 In the end, though, recycling the denim meant that I could create a sort of ombre effect, which turned out beautifully on the finished skirt.
So fun, right!?!? The waist could come in a tad more, but everything else is perfect. I love that the denim creates a stiffer hem that feels like one of those bell gowns, and I could just twirl in this thing all day. I am excited to add this all-season, versatile skirt to my wardrobe this year.


Waco said...

This is really fabulous! I love the ombre effect, and I love the pattern. One to add to my growing collection. As an aside, I downloaded my first PDF pattern last week and it was 48 pages long 8-| That was a heck of a lot of cutting and taping. I hope it was worth it! Thanks for posting this one.

Angela said...

Thanks for the feedback! 48 PAGES!?!? So brave! I can't wait to see how your PDF experience turns out.

Pella said...

Really nice skirt, the shades of blue work beautifully with this pattern.