Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nail Polish Caddy

Holiday gift crafting is in full swing over here, and I can never seem to just stick to my list and save myself some stress. 

For example, I made a planned project for my mom last week (which I can't talk about because she may read this), which led to an unplanned project for my sister (who doesn't read this blog, so we're good). 
The  most time consuming part of this project was figuring out how to divide a circle in to 10 equal parts.

It all started with an order of color changing nail polish that was delivered in ugly, cheap brown boxes. I couldn't fathom wrapping them up and presenting them to my sister, so I thought I would make my own gift box for her.
Adding binding to vinyl makes it a heck of a lot easier to sew.

 But then, I realized that all the work I would put into a gift box would be wasted when she tossed it out, so I racked my brain for an alternative that would please us both.

A nail polish caddy! Of course! Much math ensued...  :(  But, once I finally figured it all out, I was pretty proud of myself for creating something fun and functional. It holds all 10 bottles of polish, plus a center cavity for nail accessories, and it has a drawstring to close it all up!
Those are cotton balls in the middle,  which I swapped out for a jar of  remover w/ a sponge.

 And then, I took some crappy cell phone pics and posted them to the internet. The end.


R said...

What a great idea. So, the pockets open around the outside and are sewed down on the inside. This would be a great idea for my friends small girl who loves painting her nails....

sonja said...

Thanks for sharing! What a great idea. Taking this one with for my Sinterklaas sewings.