Monday, July 6, 2015

Imagine me and you, and you and me..

 Moons and moons ago, I blogged a skirt from "The Essential A-Line" book that I had finally mastered. But, as much as I love the skirt, I had no tops that really coordinated in color or style. So, I dug through my patterns to try and find something that would work, and I landed on this one:
I felt like a collared button front with a little flare at the lower waist would work well with the peasant-style layered skirt.  Of course, I did not consider how much I LOATHE buttons and buttonholes. LOATHE THEM!!
 Collars are also an extreme struggle for me since I'm more of a comfy pullover gal. Nevertheless, I soldiered through this pattern and have to admit that the fit is pretty amazing.
 Darts, darts everywhere. I love darts, and this pattern has 4 in the front and 2 in the back. Can you see how it shapes the shirt perfectly? Darts are magic.
 Let's talk about the length, though. Um...when I raise my arms the world gets to see that my skin stretched around an 8lb 7oz baby once upon a time.  No thank you. In future versions, this will be fixed. For now, I just keep my arms down. ;)
And, I think it looks pretty awesome with the skirt. I've been wearing this outfit all day, and I am actually a little impressed with myself about it. Who knew that I was capable of coordinating separates??? Not me.

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