Monday, June 1, 2015

Let's Talk Leggings..

This is a "What was I thinking?" project, for sure. I got it into my head that I would like some homemade leggings. Keep in mind - I don't actually own any RTW leggings, but I somehow thought that I needed leggings in my life.  Also, I hate tight-fitting things. So, totally makes sense that I would embark on the leggings journey, right?
Knowing myself as I do (HA!), I accepted that my first attempt would not be perfect, and I stitched together some scrap t-shirts to substitute for muslin. I also used this Kwik Sew pattern that was already in my stash (how did that even get there?).
I admit, I actually love this patchwork look even though it makes my husband cringe. Of course, the weird crotch sagging makes ME cringe, so it was off to make alterations.....

....Which I didn't even bother doing. I just bought a new leggings pattern. Because I am a glutton for punishment, apparently.
This Cake pattern is actually pretty neat. It has this "connect the dots" method that supposedly allows you to maximize the success of your fit.
Except when you are a lazy punk that measures like a monkey. Yikes. This was my first attempt at this pattern. I had to add some additional scrap knit to the waist since I was WAY OFF on my front and back rise measurements.

But, I marched on and tore up a jersey dress that I made last year (which I never wear) to make a new muslin with more front and back rise. Ummm.....nope. Although, to be fair, I think a lot of the issues with this third muslin revolve around how unflattering this fabric pattern is on me. Gross.
Final verdict - My thighs are not meant to be showcased in leggings. And, I still hate how tight-fitting clothes feel on my skin.

Also, I am burning every scrap of  that pink and gray Von Dutch jersey that I have in my fabric stash.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha h ha ha...ha. everything about this post rings so true to me.