Monday, June 29, 2015

70's Stripes

 A few weeks ago, I picked up some knits on Etsy for a SONG. One of the fabrics, in particular, I am very excited to sew with:
 It's a flannel backed sweatshirt knit and I love it. I only have about a yard and a half, though, so I need to choose exactly the right pattern for this baby.  When I saw McCall's 5637 circa 1977, I may have squeaked a little bit. Or a lot bit. Tell me that this isn't the cutest top EVER!?!?!
I love view "B" with the pockets in the seams and the giant cuffs on the sleeves. Adorable.

Of course, I am not so arrogant to think that I would sew this up properly the first time around, so I grabbed some drapey knit to make a practice top. Which was a HUGE mistake. Ugh! When will I learn to be more thoughtful about fabric choices?
 #1-This material does not press well, and a lot of the instructions involve pressing seam allowances.
#2 - YOU CANNOT CUFF LIGHTWEIGHT KNIT. Duh. I knew that, but I was temporarily insane, apparently.
#3 - Without the bulk of the sweatshirt knit, this top is too big.
Regardless of the dopey muslin fabric choice, I love this style. The pockets are awesome and convenient, the sleeves are a perfect length, and the subtle boat-like neck keeps me from feeling choked.
I will have to make a new muslin with some scraps of sweatshirt that I have lying around, and see how it goes. There will definitely be a few tweaks to the fit -shoulders, sleeves, and side seams, but I think the heavier fabric will be MUCH easier to work with for this pattern.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that McCalls pattern is quite a find. I look forward to your next try. I like the stripes fabric too, maybe it can be saved.