Saturday, May 2, 2015

Round 2...FIGHT!

I have officially conquered the "Essential A-Line" master pattern that gave me such a headache in my last post!

There was no way that I was going to let this project defeat me. I really want some new skirts for the summer, and I was determined to find a TNT that would eat up some of this cotton fabric that I have amassed over the years.
For the second time around with this pattern, I used an old bed sheet for the under layer and some hard-to-match quilting cotton that I wouldn't miss. I also scrounged up a few yards of orangey-red lace that I had no intention of using on anything in the immediate future.
I cut a "medium" based on the hip measurements, but had to cut 2" off the waist for a proper fit. Last time, I only took out an inch, and it is amazing what a difference this extra inch made!! Fits like a dream...
There was a bee getting ready to "photo bomb" me here. 
I am so relieved that I was able (and willing) to tweak this pattern in to something that I love. There are several variations of this master that I can play around with, which will help me build a "me made" summer wardrobe this year!
I was going to wait to photograph the skirt until next week, but the light this evening was so awesome that I threw on the skirt and grabbed my 12 year old to act as photographer. As soon as I got outside....cloudy. Seriously, sky?? 2 minutes!?!? I only took 2 minutes!! 
Changed out of the skirt, and then the sun came back out.  Of course. :(

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