Sunday, April 26, 2015

I Loathe Linings

After more than a month, I finally dusted off my sewing machine and got down to sewing something for fun!
I have dozens of projects on my list, but this book has been sitting on my cutting table for about 2 months waiting for me to feel motivated. Can you believe that I only paid $2 for this at the thrift shop?
I've had my eye on the Triple Ruffle Skirt, but the instructions seemed so daunting - flipping through several different pages for construction details, tracing the main pattern, making adjustments, fussing with a lining, etc.... It seemed like a lot of work for a simple skirt.

 I started the project Saturday morning with high hopes and lots of enthusiasm.  By late Saturday afternoon, I was convinced that this skirt pattern was created by demons.  It all came down to the lining. The problems began when I constructed the lining inside out, and continued when I tried to install the zipper. I am normally a zipper rockstar, but I just.could. not. get. it. right. Argh! After HOURS of sewing and stitch ripping, I finally had to walk away and start anew Sunday morning.
It went.....better. I decided to take it all in stride and just get it done. Things that I am trying to be zen about:
- The lining is inside out
- The zipper looks like it was installed by a monkey
- I only had enough lace for 2 "tiers"
- The waist needs to be brought in another inch
- The bottom tier did not match up properly with the main skirt
- This took me 2 DAYS!!
See how zen I am in that picture?? I am not even phased by the gray day, the crap lighting in my sewing area, or the fact that I had to move a bunch of stuff around to make room for the photo shoot. SUPER ZEN!

Ultimately, I know how to fix all of the problems for the next skirt, and this pattern is pretty good. I have already made a note to use bias tape as a waist band facing so that I don't ever have to deal with lining again. And, there are a ton of cute skirts in this book that I can see myself wearing, so I really want to not hate this pattern. Just have to work out the kinks, right?

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very zen!