Tuesday, March 17, 2015

To Done.

 My "to do" list is long, and my attention span for planned projects is short, so when I finally get to mark something off of my list it's a pretty big deal. And, today I knocked out one of the projects that has been waiting for me to get around to it for quite some time - snack bags.

I told myself years ago that I would stop buying zip-top bags for my son's chips and lunch snacks, but they are just so damn convenient! Reusable snack bags aren't terribly expensive online, but I suffer from the "why should I pay for it when I have the materials to make it here" disorder. You know what I'm talking about.

My main hurdle was figuring out what material I should use for the inside of the bags. I don't have any oil cloth in my stash, so I knew that I would be recycling something from around the house. That led me to plastic bags, of course. I didn't even consider grocery bags because - A: I don't know that they are food safe, and B: I have tried melting them together before, and it sucked. What to use, what to use?
 Cereal bags!! Easy to clean, durable, and food safe. I remember that my grandmother used to save cereal bags to wrap sandwiches and leftovers and stuff, so why did it take me so long to think of them??
 I have to admit that they are kind of a pain to sew. Since the plastic is so smooth and waxy, the slip factor was high. Using paperclips to hold the cotton and plastic together while I sewed helped a little bit, but I wouldn't say that it was perfect.
And, I kept changing my mind about the closure and size. At first, I did a fold over closure - like the cheap sandwich bags, but I hated it. Then, I tried an envelope flap with velcro. Meh. Finally, I halved the size of the snack bag and used a rounded flap with double velcro.

One less project on my mile-long list! Huzzah!

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