Friday, February 6, 2015

Sprucing things up..

While contemplating what to do for the February Stashbusting Challenge, I remembered that I had an ironing board cover on my sewing "to-do" list that I have been putting off for ages. Because, you know,....this (blech):

So, inspired by February's theme, I chose a fabric that I have had in my stash FOREVER, and that I HATE SO MUCH.

Yuck, right? Where did I get this, and why did I allow it in to my house?? That is not a fabric that I would ever use for garments or bags. I mean, really, the only thing I can see this working for is a tablecloth (not in my dining room), a country kitchen valance (not in MY kitchen), or......AN IRONING BOARD COVER!!

This whole project was 20 minutes, tops. Lay out weird fabric, cut around ironing board, stitch elastic around the edge, done.  I could have used bias tape, or hemmed the edges, but why would I do that? No one sees underneath my ironing board!

It is a lightweight cotton, so I kept my old cover on underneath it (which caused some wrinkling at the edges).  But, I think it turned out pretty good! It's like I got a brand new ironing board, AND I was finally able to use up most of that horrific fabric. Sweet.
Also, one more thing checked off of my sewing "to-do" list. It's always super satisfying to whittle that list down a little. ;)

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