Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pins and Needles

Once I finished my pressing boards from earlier this week, I decided that the kids in my sewing classes needed pin cushions. After scouring the internet for fun ideas that I could sew in bulk, I eventually realized that it was best to keep it simple - a wrist pin cushion seemed the most practical. Circles are my preferred shape, so I found a roll of masking tape to use as a template and went to work.
 The great thing about the masking tape is that it had a template for the larger exterior of the pin cushion, as well as the smaller interior circle that I used for a piece of wool lining (from an old, gross sweater). A couple of the ladies in my stashbusting group pointed out that wool and other natural fibers (like human hair - WEIRD!) prevent the pins/needles from rusting.
I was initially worried about the younger ones pushing too hard on the pins and impaling their wrists, but I was determined to solve that issue. So, I dug through my recyclables and came up with a solution:
I used some lightweight cardboard from a cereal box as the base lining of my pincushions. The kids would have to poke pretty hard to get through that!

And then, I set up the assembly line for sewing:
4 of the bands are adjustable, and 4 of them are not. But, they are all elastic. I am confident that they will fit the kids' wrists.

Once the circles were sewn, I found that it was really easy to bend the cardboard to fit through the 1.5" gap that I left open for stuffing.

I have to admit that this whole project was really time consuming. After all of the measuring, cutting, machine stitching, and stuffing - I added hand-sewn trim to 7 of the 8 pin cushions. This was an all day event.  But, how cute did they turn out?!?!


Sue said...

These are gorgeous. I might be stealing this idea as I've been looking for a wrist pin cushion.

Angela said...

Thanks, Sue! I use wrist pin cushion at home (which I actually wear around my hand, oddly enough), so it seemed like a good idea for the class. We'll see how they like them. ;)