Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Girl and Her Staple Gun..

Thanks to the children's sewing class that I instruct, there has been a lot of stash-busting going on this week! The class will be contributing to the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge this month, and I have been doing crazy prep work for the occasion! First of all, I busted about 2 yards by making the pillow case examples for the students:
For the beginners

For my advanced class
And then, I had to construct a few portable pressing boards for the kids to use during class:
You may recognize the fabric that I hate from my last post - I think it is cloning itself on my shelf!

This was a really straightforward project, and I had almost everything on hand. An amazingly nice guy in my town donated (and cut) the 15" x 19" boards for me, so all I had to do was dig out my staple gun and get to work!
Cut a couple of layers of felt to fit the board 

Stapled the felt to the board

Stapled the fabric over the felt

Front of the pressing board

I added non-slip grips to the corners underneath
If I had used MDF or particle board for the base, I could have left the back "raw", but since I used OSB (subflooring), it was very slivery (just ask my poor, impaled fingers). So, I added some fabric panels to cover the wood on the back for when these boards are being moved around or transported.

With the exception of purchasing a new box of staples (one day I will find the hidden panel in my house where all of the staples, paperclips, and scotch tape have sought refuge), this project was FREE! And, I busted almost 3 yards of felt (a heinous over-purchase for Halloween), as well as 2.5 yards of cotton fabric that had been languishing on my shelf for years. Hooray!

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Judy said...

Wow, great stash busting and such fun projects!