Saturday, January 31, 2015

Third Time's a Charm..

In addition to my stashbusting goals this year, I am working on finding patterns that I will actually WEAR. I have no current TNT garment patterns for myself, and I feel that finding/creating some will help me make better fabric purchasing decisions in the future. So, with that in mind, I have been poring over my "tops" patterns, and came across this Butterick design for a simple jersey tunic (view D).
I crafted a wearable muslin out of some scrap knit that I had, and I was glad that the raglan sleeves are constructed in 2 sections (although, that is pretty weird) since I didn't have enough of the white print for 2 entire sleeves.
As I got ready to finish the hems, I realized that the sleeves and hem were made for a much taller woman. So, I tweaked it a little and played around with adding a "cuff" the bottom - which didn't work out so awesome.
But, I persisted and threw together a new version with my pattern adjustments. One of the big changes was making the raglan sleeves one piece instead of two because that didn't make sense to me (and, I wasn't feeling like matching stripes).
I like the sleeves slouchy, so I trimmed some length and added cuffs. This time, though, I finished the hem with some single-fold bias tape.
The final product turned out okay - the length is good, the sleeves are comfy, but I feel like the body is a little too boxy for my figure.  And, I don't know how I feel about that boat neck style. Plus, this pink is bleh.
A little disheartened, I shelved that pattern until I decide whether or not I want to mess with it some more. Instead, I pulled out a different Butterick top:
My 2 previous tops taught me that I'm definitely more of a "V" neck gal, so I chose to sew up view C and add some contrast sleeves.  Also, I ditched the lace in the example because, eww...lace.
Ignore my face. I don't know what that look is. I would have chopped off my head in the pic, but that just seemed creepier.
The fit on this top is AWESOME. I did add a little length, and I would remove some ease from the sleeves next time, but WOW, I love this.
You guys, I just found my FIRST EVER TNT pattern!! Now, when I look at knits, I will know what I want to use them for. This is pretty exciting for me. I may buy a few yards of fun knit online to celebrate. :P


RosieGma said...

Like both the raglans...perhaps the boatneck is to wide for your...I would make the neck smaller and shape the sides in, get a curve going on that man style shirt...Make it yours...I love the V-neck shirt it is very becoming on you.....

Angela said...

Thanks, Rosie!! I agree that the boat neck is obnoxiously large on my frame. I still plan to wear the shirts, since they are incredibly comfortable, but there will definitely be a few tweaks on future makes.

EmSewCrazy said...

You could try shaping the side seams for the raglan to get a closer fit.
That last top! Wow! Looks great! Finding a TNT is a wonderful feeling. Have fun!

Gamehost said...

I like the 1st shirt ( the one in pink). It looks very comfortable. But again that shirt is more my style then yours.