Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Outfitting the Beanstalk

Just like most parents, I am often perplexed by children's clothing sizes and how they pertain to my kid.  I don't know that he has yet reached an age where he is able to fit in to his corresponding RTW size.  As an infant and toddler, he was wearing sizes above his age level, and somewhere along the line he started wearing sizes well below it. I have gotten pretty good at creatively extending the life of his clothes since I never know when a growth spurt will leave him with nothing to wear. Case in point, these jersey shorts from OshKosh B'Gosh:
I used to live near an OshKosh outlet store, and I always went in during the super sales and stocked up on staple items for my son.  He is a creature that appreciates the comfort of soft, well-worn jersey (who isn't?), and he fights me every time I try to give these away.  Believe it or not, the size 7 elastic waist still fits my 11 year old, but the length is getting a little too "Daisy Duke" for my peace of mind.
So, he and I compromised. I told him that he could keep a couple pair of these if he let me add length to them. He was very amenable to that idea, and we collaborated on how to coordinate 4 pair of shorts in to 2. After deciding that an all-red pair and a orange/blue pair were the way to go, I got my snip on.
Let me just say, I am not some hyper-frugal nutter. This alteration is more about how much my kid loves these shorts than it is about saving some money.  Don't get  me wrong, I love to find inexpensive alternatives to doling out my life savings on a child's wardrobe, but I generally wouldn't be mucking around with some jersey shorts that I picked up for $3 in the first place.  That being said, I am over the moon that $12 worth of shorts will be able to last him another summer, on top of the 5 summers they have already endured!

I think that a laundering before the photo would have improved the drape of the shorts. Whoops.

These had just come out of the wash which is why there was no "before" picture.

You can see that the layers hang better once the shorts have been washed.

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