Friday, May 30, 2014

Rockin' Refashion

As I was sorting through my patterns to find something that would work for this month's stash-busting theme -knits- I came across a design that I made years ago, but didn't love.  It is not meant for knits, but I saw the possibility and decided that it would be a simple hack to make this pattern suit my needs.
I have a few t-shirts that I have been hanging on to for special projects, and this shirt was the first thing I thought of when I envisioned myself wearing this design in a knit fabric.
I chopped up a black tee for the bodice, and I went to town.
I pleated the center front bodice, and I cut off about 5 inches of elastic in the neckline. I also added a strip of jersey at the top of the skirt in order to offer more contrast.

I don't know how other sewists feel, but I always consider my homemade clothes "works in progress." I may add some fullness to the skirt by slicing the side seams and inserting triangles of black jersey.  Also, some embellishment to the neckline, maybe?  I don't know. I like how it fits and looks right now, but I can see myself wanting to jazz it up more later.

And now this picture because....that face. Is that how I look when I squint? Geez.


Andrea F said...

That looks great! I love what you've come up with from an innocent looking T Shirt. What a difference!

Angela said...

Thanks, Andrea! I was thrilled to find a project for this shirt since it has been sitting in my stash for over a year.

Anonymous said...

OMG, so awesome!!!