Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fast & Furious Flower Girl Frock

My brother sent me a text last week asking if I could whip up a dress for my niece. She was asked to be a flower girl in his friend's wedding, and he thought that I might create something unique for her.  This posed a bit of a challenge since:
A. My niece is in IL, and I am in WY
B. I had to rely on my brother to provide accurate measurements
C. The wedding is on June 6th.
D. I don't have a big fabric store nearby.

Undaunted, I rummaged through my fabric stash to see what I had.  I don't keep satin or crepe around (I have no girls of my own), so I knew I would have to settle for an Easter-style dress made from cotton. I was fortunate to find just over a yard of lavender-ish fabric (that was the color that I was instructed to use), but I only had less than half a yard of my preferred contrast material. That sucked a little bit since I wanted to make a little short-sleeved coat to go with this sundress.
Since I was making such a structurally simple garment, I decided to focus on the craftsmanship.  The bodice lining is all handsewn, the flowers are homemade (with my little Clover Hana-Ami Flower Loom), and there are no raw edges on the seams.
I made a big bow on the back with long tails since I felt that it looked a little more "fancy occasion" rather than "picnic in the park." I had also thought about adding tulle to the hem, but I was worried about the scratchiness, and the color that I had was too plum and not enough violet.
I do wish that I had a larger fabric selection, or a store nearby that I could have perused, but I think I did okay with what I had on hand.  Plus, I wanted to get this done as quickly as possible so that I could ship it off in plenty of time.  If this dress doesn't fit right, my brother will still be able to shop for one that does.  Fingers crossed that my HOURS of hand sewing weren't wasted!!

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