Thursday, April 10, 2014

"T" Tote Upcycle

Man, have I been lay-zee lately!! No post last week? Shame on me. I've been so good at keeping to my blogging and sewing goals this year, but I just wasn't feeling the sew-jo last week, you know? But, I dragged myself away from my Gilmore Girls 7 season marathon, and I whipped up an easy tote yesterday.

The t-shirt that I used for this project was bought off the clearance rack some time last year. It was one of those "fits like a second skin" type garments, and it is made of such a lightweight jersey that it highlighted everything short of my spleen when I wore it. No thank you.  So, I tossed it in the "upcycle" pile and there it has sat for many a moon.

I finally rescued this shirt because I desperately, desperately need some produce totes now that farmer's market season is peeking around the corner. (All of the "reusables" that I have been using for the past few years were pretty well destroyed by a mini-flood in the cabinet under my kitchen sink. *sigh*)

I played kind of "fast and loose" with this whole thing. I just chopped off the top of the tee, left the side seams, used the cut tee as the template for the lining, boxed the hem, and threw some straps on. 20 minutes, tops.

Instant gratification is the way to go when I'm not feeling inspired. This project provided a necessary jolt to my mojo, and I am excited about getting back in to my sewing room. Well, between episodes of Gilmore Girls.....I only have 2 seasons to go!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Yey, I'm glad you got your sew-jo back! The bag is super-cute, though!

Fadanista said...

I can just see this being toted round a farmers' market! I bet you draw lots of fab comments...