Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Barrel Bike Bag

I don't know if I mentioned it, but a couple of months ago I went through a sewing-book-buying-frenzy on Ebay.  One of the books that I snagged was this One Yard Wonders that I got for a steal because the included patterns were missing.

My main reason for buying books like these is to get inspired by the projects that they picture, and there were quite a few that tickled my fancy in here - including the Bicycle Duffle Bag (duffel?duffle?).
It's true that I already have a basket on my bike, but sometimes I don't need that much cargo space. I mean, it's great when I ride up to the store for milk, but when I am just pleasure-riding it seems like overkill to have my wallet and keys sitting in there. So, I thought this would be a useful little bag to put together.
Everything seemed straightforward when I started, but as the project came together I felt that there were some errors in the measurements.  I wont get into specifics, but I definitely suspect that the designer did not have the instructions independently tested before they were published.
Ultimately, I worked out the instructional kinks and am pretty happy with the result. The velcro straps that attach it to my bike are awesome, and the bag is the perfect size for the small items that I need when I'm biking to the park with my son. Maybe I'll throw one of these together for him too...


Eska said...

Looks great and a fabulous idea for your bike.

Angela said...

Thanks, Eska! I may look in to more sewing projects for my bike this year. Padded handle covers, maybe? :)

Anonymous said...

I love the variety of projects that you tackle, nicely done! Love the colour/print combo.