Thursday, March 13, 2014

Retro Butterick Attempt..

During Sew Grateful week, I came across a giveaway that included a pattern that spoke to me the minute I laid eyes on it. It said, "Go to EBay immediately and purchase me in your size. You would look fabulous in this design." So, I did.
I finally received the pattern after about 4 million years of waiting on the Pony Express, and I cleared my entire sewing schedule to whip this baby up. I was confident that I would pull this off. I mean, 3 pattern pieces?? How hard could this be?

Well, it was really hard finding enough of one kind of fabric to complete this dress. The pattern calls for about 5 yards, and I don't keep that kind of yardage around. I have lots and lots of fabric under 2 yards, but that was not helpful considering the size of the skirt that needed to be cut out here.

Also, I thought I had LOADS of black bias tape, but apparently I don't. So, I had to tweak the design a little to accommodate 2 coordinating fabrics, AND 2 colors of double-fold bias tape.  I'll tell you what, this became a project of "just enoughs." As in, I literally had JUST ENOUGH fabric and bias tape to finish this dress.

This bodice is darted up, my friends. 6 darts in front, and 2 darts in back. Being of the "big boobs, small waist" tribe, I love me some darts. Next time, I will take in the back darts a little more since I seem to have an uncommonly narrow back.
How amazing is the scoop in the back? So 50's. I think it is my favorite part of this dress.

I am disappointed that the underskirt isn't more visible. The picture on the pattern envelope was misleading there. Either that, or these 50's chicks had some goofy posture. Altering the skirt pattern should fix that for the next go, and I promise to use a more contemporary print. Hello 80's!

 Overall, I really like the potential of this dress on me. With a few modifications, I could see this design becoming a staple in my spring/summer wardrobe.

Although this turned out okay, I have had enough of fighting with adult apparel patterns. Next week I will have a fun refashion to share that is more within my comfort zone.

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Eska said...

Wow. I've seen this pattern before and was tempted as well. The bodice is darling but the skirt is a bit of a let down. That picture really is deceptive.

Perhaps they wore a petticoat underneath to give it some oooomph?

Shawn said...

It's awesome this dress/pattern worked for you - not everyone (including me) has been able to pull it off. You think as simple as the pattern is, it would be simple, but it's not! It looks fantastic on you! you did a great job!

Angela said...

Eska - I wonder if it would be acceptable for me to add a petticoat or a bustle, or something. Would I get weird looks at the grocery store, do you think? ;)

Shawn - Thanks for the compliment! You're right that this pattern looks easier than it is. So many darts!!

R said...

I really like the bodice especially the back neckline, and the black binding with the red looks fab, this has great potential. I wonder if a gauzy overskirt would work?

EmSewCrazy said...

I wonder if you wore a petticoat underneath would that make the underskirt poof out more? Or is it not wide enough for it? You could try tacking the overskirt so a bit more of the underskirt shows...
I really like this dress on you. I love how it looks like you have a belt around a little waist without actually having a belt.

Angela said...

The underskirt is only a front piece that wraps around my hips and is buttoned at my lower back - leaving the lower half open like a hospital gown. I couldn't really put a petticoat under there. But, tacking the skirt is actually a great suggestion, Em! I might play around with that this weekend. Thanks!

Sue said...

I can see what you mean about the pattern picture and the underskirt, but it will be nice when you walk. I think the dress looks adorable.