Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Faux Wrap (or Why I Suck at Making My Own Clothes..)

This month's stashbusting theme - "Seasonal Change and Wardrobe Building" - is going to be a rough one for me. I am TERRIBLE at making clothes for myself. I just don't have the patience for all of the measuring, fitting, re-measuring, re-fitting, etc... I'm not ashamed to admit that I am an instant gratification kind of gal, and making my own clothes is time consuming.

But, I am never going to get better at sewing my own garments if I keep avoiding them. So, I thought I would ease in to the wardrobe building theme with a quick knit top from a pattern that I picked up at the thrift store a few months ago. I never would have had the courage to put this together for myself if it weren't for Jagoda over at Fitnottofit inspiring me with a recent wrap-style top she made.
First, let's talk about thrift store patterns. How great is it to find patterns for under $1? And, I feel like a treasure hunter - sorting through the racks and bins, finding designs that have been out of print for 30 years or more! But, how much does it suck to open the envelope at home to find that pieces have been cut to a size too small for you? Yeah, that's what happened here. :( Fortunately, the pattern pieces were only one size below me, so it was a pretty easy alteration.

I don't keep many raw knits around. I generally recycle t-shirts when I make a project that calls for stretch knit, but I had this VonDutch jersey on hand from a shift I made last year. This is a very lightweight jersey, and I think that may have affected the fit more than I anticipated - especially the gaping in the bust and looseness in the sleeves.

I tried out a belt under the bust to see if it helped the shape, but it just created bulges under the arms.

Fit issues that I will have to correct the next time around.
- Shoulders are too wide
- Neckline is too big
- Hem is too short
- Sleeves are too loose

I think I should have kept the original size that the pieces were cut to, but I went by the measurements on the envelope. Plus, the pattern is printed on heavy paper, so it wasn't easy to fit to myself before I cut. Oh, well. It's still wearable, I just don't know if I will make it again. I definitely don't plan to buy more jersey specifically for this project. Maybe a candidate for upcycling some t-shirts later?


GMY said...

Aww, I'm sorry it was disappointing. It's a cute shirt, though. I wonder if you couldn't just take up some of the extra in all of the seams to make it fit better?

I feel ya on the difficulty of making clothes for yourself. Boobs and hips are so hard to fit when compared to kids' straight bodies!

Eska said...

I really like the print on your shirt. Sucks that it doesn't fit the way you were hoping.

Is there any way you can gather up the neckline with some elastic thread or sew a tuck into the shoulder to bring those to the right spot?

Angela said...

Thanks for the support, you guys!

I thought about taking in the seams, but because of the way this shirt is constructed, I would have to take it apart completely to fix it.

Next time, I will pin and fit before I sew. Lesson learned. ;)

Anonymous said...

No, no, no! This top is fantastic!!! The neckline is great and very flattering (I've NEVER seen a girl who does not look well in a deep V-neck), I adore the print and colours, and the mock-wrap style is hot! But I can see what you mean about the back being too big and sleeves being too roomy - I always have the same issue. For some reason I keep thinking that I have a huge back, which seems not to be the case. I hope you give this pattern another crack, it would also look great extended into an A-line dress. Good luck!
And also, I am so touched that I inspired you to make such a fun top, yey! And I love your haircut!