Thursday, February 6, 2014

Skirts and Sewing Slumps

I feel like I have been a real sewing slacker this week. Although I have completed several projects, including a couple of skirts and a load of hand sewing, it felt like I was a sewing robot. Like I was just doing things to get them done, rather than enjoying the process.

This skirt started the slump for me. I loved this fabric before it was put together, but once the skirt was finished I was pretty "meh" about it. Seeing as how this is for my soon-to-be-7-year-old niece, I felt like it needed some pizzazz..
As you can see, I pulled out my BeDazzler to add some studs to the hem and waistband. I thought it would make the garment look a little edgier, but I am not satisfied with the results. The skirt still looks plain, and I have no idea how to fix it. In these situations, I am capable of getting stuck on little details for weeks, so I decided I'd better move on to the next thing.

I thought that getting another skirt done would whip me back in to shape, but I was wrong. The embellishment on this one makes me happier, but I think that I am over this pattern.
I'm glad that I used up some fabric that has been gathering dust on my shelves for awhile, but there is not enough "whimsy" in this design to keep me interested. Have you ever struggled with a dull design? How could I have spiced these up more?

In other news, it sucks feeling so uninspired now that I FINALLY got my fiber fill delivered!
I am hoping to have my motivation back by this weekend so that I can crank out some neck pillows, which should strike that creative spark that I need.

How do YOU get your motivation back when you are in a sewing slump?

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