Monday, January 6, 2014

The Best Laid Plans...

Welcome to a new year! 

For me, this year brings new opportunities for sewing/crafting projects, and I decided that I don't want to waste time hemming and hawing (i.e. - procrastinating) about what to create.  So, I have put a few plans in to action.

Plan #1 - Make a quilt. 
A few years ago, my MIL put together a quilt kit for me so that I could easily complete my first quilt. It was a great way to get over my fear of quilting, but all I really did was sew some fabric together and use her long-arm quilting machine to finish it up. This time, I am making my own "pattern," cutting the pieces myself, constructing all layers, and HAND QUILTING the blanket. Or, that's what I plan to do. We'll see. This is my big personal project for the year, and I have yet to clear the first big hurdle - cutting all of this fabric in to 4.5" squares (ugh, how I HATE cutting fabric!):

Plan #2 - Get involved in an online sew-a-long.
In the past, I have stumbled across various social network, or blog-based sewing groups, but I have always shied away from committing myself to any sewing sisterhoods. Mainly, I like to do my own thing when I sew, but I also hate it when I feel obligated to do anything.  It's much more rewarding to sew spontaneously. But, these groups are great for inspiration and support, so I am putting on my big girl bikini and jumping right in to  the deep end of this pool.
I found a great sew-a-long at Sew Can She that is kicking off January with a mini log cabin quilt block. This looks like a fantastic project to ease me in to the scary online sewing community, so I joined. Yikes.
The project is broken down in to weekly tasks, and this week was selecting fabric. This is what I chose for my sew-a-long baptism:

Plan #3 - Pare down the fabric stash.

My sewing has NOT been keeping up with my fabric procurement, so I am serious about reducing my fabric stash this year. It is no fun to buy new fabric when you have nowhere to put it, and this is what my inventory is looking like right now (minus all of the fabric I pulled out for my quilt):

It may not seem like much to veteran fabric hoarders, but space is at a premium in my house, and the fabric has gotten out of hand. I need more room for clothing that I would like to recycle/upcycle, and I would like to get rid of a bunch of this stuff that has been with me for years. I mean, my 10 year old has surely outgrown those pirate and monster flannel print fabrics....

So, I found a great stashbusting sew-a-long at Tumbleweeds in the Wind that I am pretty excited about.

Are you freaking out that I joined TWO sew-a-longs this year?? Yeah. Me too. Frightening.

I am really looking forward to the projects that come from both of these groups, and I am hoping to share tutorials for things that I make.  I'd really like to post more, and revamp this blog a little bit, but I don't want to put too much on my plate. We'll see how it goes, one month at a time.

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