Friday, December 13, 2013

Homemade Holidays

Like many, I get a little nuts around the holidays. I get this idea in my head that I am Wonder Woman, and I completely overextend myself. Usually, it involves food preparations, or the number of people I am buying gifts for. This year, though, the distance from my family and my desire to personalize the gift giving has caused me to go sew crazy. Although I am pleased that I am giving people things that I put love and effort in to, I think I could have scaled back my ambitions a little. 

I started off before Thanksgiving by churning out 3 or 4 portable first aid kits (like this one for my brother):

After that, I decided to whip up a shopping bag holder/dispenser, and from there I spiraled out of control...

In addition to the following sewing projects, I crocheted 2 scarves and one hooded cowl.

A jumper for my 6 year old niece:
 A jacket (fully lined) and a pair of corduroy pants for my 3 year old niece. (How freaking awesome are those buttons?!?):
 A fabric gift bag (also fully lined -Why??) for all the 3 year old's clothes:
 A hoodie for the 3 year old that I now hate because it looks shoddy and wide in these pics:
 A jumper with front pocket for the 3 year old:
 Of course, I procrastinated horribly and ended up doing most of these projects in the last 4 days. Surprisingly, the only issues that I experienced were one foul-up with a hem and my serger quitting on me at the end. I consider myself very lucky that the stress of the task I set for myself wasn't exacerbated by endless seam ripping and technical issues. Maybe I am a little bit Wonder Woman, after all.

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