Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Shifts and Serger Stress

Sewing projects have been piling up on my idea sheet these past few weeks, and I can't seem to sew fast enough to satisfy my ambitions.

I have had a pattern for a stretch knit summer dress that I've been wanting to make for awhile, and I finally found some fabric that inspired me to give it a go.  I decided on a "criss-cross" technique for the front of the dress, and I am SO GLAD that I own a serger. Jersey is a nightmare for me, and, without a serger, I would have never completed this garment.  With the serger, the sewing part of this project only took me 20 minutes.  Cutting, on the other hand...Grr.
 I will definitely have to adjust the pattern in the future, now that I know how the fit is a little "off" on my body type. I already had to shave a couple of inches on each shoulder strap, but it looks like I will have to take in the waist in order to give it more shape. For a lightweight summer shift, this dress is awesome. I could (and might) sleep in this thing!

After that project, I started on a dress inspired by this DIY Crop Top tutorial that I found.  Now, I don't DO crop tops. Quite frankly, I am perplexed by the concept behind a crop top. As far as I am concerned, my stomach is MY business. Not yours, or anyone else's.  So, although I love the idea of using denim scrap for the top, I decided to add a skirt on it and make it a dress.

Everything started off beautifully. I measured my little heart out, added straps that match the lining (denim seams rubbing against my torso skin?? I don't think so.), and started sewing the skirt strips together.
 And then my serger FREAKED THE EFF OUT, and I almost went on a city-wide stabbing spree to vent my frustration. Needless to say, the machine is currently "out of order" until I am sane enough to deal with it again.

The worst thing about the serger situation is that I have all kinds of creative motivation, and no outlet for it. I actually did some cross stitch this week (BORING), and started a crochet project (IN THE SUMMER?), but all I want to do is finish the crop-top-turned-dress, whip up the faux headboard that has been percolating in my head, and make a seat-back organizer for my new behemoth of an SUV. This machine is really inconveniencing me right now.  >:(

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