Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dr. Who Tardis Board Shorts..

The Bear grew like a weed this summer, and I decided to make him some new "adjustable" shorts that could be let out in the waist and hem so that he can wear them through next summer.  Of course, now that he is 10 years old, he makes his own fashion choices. So, I took him to the fabric store to select the material that his shorts would be made out of.  I admit that I was a little skeptical about the criteria that his decisions were based on ("Ooh, this one looks kind of spacey!"), but the fabric reflects who he is, so I am not going to complain.

Obviously, I had to pick up a pattern since I don't measure. Ever. And, luckily, the fabric shop that I went to had this on one of their racks:
 All was well when I traced out the pattern for a 10 year old, and cut all of the pieces. But as I prepared to construct the shorts, I stumbled upon the MOST RIDICULOUS POCKET INSTRUCTIONS EVER!
 Dear Patterns by Figgy,
Your pocket instructions suck.
Sincerely, SewGlam.

5 hours later, I was at my wits end trying to figure these pockets out. So, I did what I always do - I ignored the instructions and did my own thing. Unfortunately, that means that I paid $12 for pattern pieces. Oh well.  The shorts came out pretty great, and my kid is happy.
 Now, trying to get a 10 year old away from the video games long enough to take a few pictures is a real task.  Especially if you want to get it done without having to deal with attitude.
 Oh, and as the title mentioned, I took some artistic liberty with the "spacey" fabric.
 My son is a Dr. Who nut. These are the only pair that I did side pockets on, and my hand embroidery leaves something to be desired, but he has a pretty unique pair of Tardis shorts now.  After 3 pair of very boring board shorts, I needed to do something more exciting. You would not believe the amount of work that went in to these pockets, but it was a labor of love:
 "Sharp looking shorts, kid!"
"Whatever, mom. Are we done now??"
*sigh* "Yes."
Ingrate. ;)

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