Saturday, July 20, 2013

Retro Visor

So, I went to the thrift store for a meat slicer, and walked out with a dozen sewing patterns and an arm full of books. And no meat slicer. 
But, the patterns that I found were all priced under a dollar, and they included this gem that begged to be taken home:
 Now, I am normally not a hat or visor wearer, but summer in Wyoming is no joke.  The sun is fierce here!! So, I was excited to start on this project right when I got home.

First of all, I was BLOWN AWAY by the fact that this pattern had never been used.  The package dates to 1974, and the paper was as crisp as when it was new! Unheard of for me.  So, I decided to preserve the original pattern and use some special pattern transfer fabric stuff that I've had lying around for a while.  The nice thing about these older patterns is that the ink is really dark, and it is super easy to trace:
 I don't like that tracing wheel and chalk transfer paper stuff that I've seen people use. It's time consuming and hard to work with (for me). This process only took a few minutes, and now I have pattern pieces that I can reuse for a long time:
 Of course, I used a fabric that I don't really care about for my first attempt at the "visor scarf." (I have learned my lesson about wasting good fabric on new patterns.)  The cutting was a breeze, but the sewing had a few false starts that almost forced me screaming from my machine.  It's my fault for skimming the instructions instead of paying attention. When they say "match up small dots," they mean it, dammit!

The final piece came out really well, and I know what to tweak for my future visors.  I love that this is a "one size fits all" hat, and it actually looks pretty good on me! Not that you'll ever know, of course.  I used my good friend Simon (a.k.a "simone" - when modeling female head apparel):

I had to use a double layer of interfacing for the brim since all I have is "lightweight" fusible, but I like that it isn't too stiff.
 The band part above the brim can also be folded to reduce the height, but "Simone" has a big forehead and was able to use the extra coverage:

I think that it will be loads of fun playing around with different fabric combinations on this pattern. Also, I plan to make the cap from this package as well. This was a fantastic find for me!


Karen Schurr said...

Wow! I remember this pattern! Guess I'm giving away my age :) Love the visor you made. You'll have so much fun with this pattern. Thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

Thanks for commenting, Karen! I already made half a dozen of these things, and I LOVE them! I think it's awesome that you remember this pattern. I will have to post some more of the 70's patterns that I found to see if you recognize those too. :)