Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where have you been??

So,  here I am. New year, new state, new sewing room, and new projects.  I have actually been doing stuff since my last post (a million years ago), I just haven't been posting it.  Now that I have a nice, bright, non-creepy-spidery-basement area to work in, I have been spending a little more time sewing.  Of course, I still do the requisite hemming and patch work that seems to stick to you like stink when you own a sewing machine, but I have made a promise to myself to actually make some stuff for ME this year.  For example,
 KAPOW! I have had this fabric laying around FOREVER, and I picked up a backpack pattern last year that I knew would be perfect for this! Does anyone else buy patterns to go with fabric they already own? No? Only me? Well, whatever, Beetle Bailey comic strip fabric deserves to be respected that way. So, I turned it in to this:
The lighting was crap in my house on picture day, so this is the best I've got. I swear it is a backpack. I haven't quite gotten around to installing the lining yet, but the pieces are all cut and just waiting to be assembled. Possibly forever. I was pretty bored with this project by the time I finished the body... I'll get to it eventually.  In the meantime, I was looking to make myself some new spring/summer clothes since my new state gets pretty warm, and I came across this pattern in my stash:
Even though I am anti-sleeveless-tops, I thought I would be daring and make the long, sleeveless tunic ("c"). I had a great asian-style fabric that I thought would be awesome, so I gave it a go.
Why am I not modeling this, you ask? Well, because this pattern was constructed for people with tiny heads.  I mean, like, shrunken head tiny. I did my best to adjust the neck hole, but it's still a tight fight, and I hate putting it on and taking it off.  Plus, the sun was low in the sky, I have no good picture spots scoped out in my new yard yet, and I just wasn't feeling it. So, deal with the ebay-style pic.  This pattern sucked, and I will never wear this top. :(

After the tunic disappointment, I consoled myself by taking a trip to one of the 2 local thrift shops and found this truly heinous men's shirt:
I don't want to know who bought this shirt retail. I prefer to think that they were drunk and naked and needed something, so they grabbed the first shirt they saw. The fabric is pretty gross in a fake silk kind of way, but I instantly recognized the very cute skirt hiding in this fashion atrocity.
See? There it is! Again, no modeling pic because this was done on the same day as "the tunic that shall not be named," and I've already explained my attitude for that day. This project takes less than a half hour to throw together.  Just Google "Men's shirt to skirt," and you'll see 4 billion tutorials showing you how easy this is.

And, there you have it, proof that I have not been a total sewing slacker.  I have some shorts that I will attempt in the next few days, and I might, possibly start a quilt. Maybe.

I promise not to wait another century before my next post.

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