Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Princess Peanut's Debut!

After much procrastinating and a big move, I am finally working on the little girl dresses that got me started on this sewing obsession 3 years ago.

Meet Princess Peanut (of the Georgia Peanut's) displaying her newest custom made frock:
I have been carefully choosing fabrics that I thought would complement her fair skin and curly, auburn baby locks, and I think that these soft pinks and greens are perfect:
The dress is the product of a new pattern that I have been dying to try, and with the exception of the non-existent closure instructions, it was a quick and easy sew. Although, I don't know where they find the amazonian kids that they use for hem length models! I was so happy to have Princess Peanut in the flesh to measure, otherwise this dress would have been several inches too long. As it was, I tossed the pattern hem instructions and did my own thing (as usual).
And, of course, I had to add my own signature whimsy with the smiley face button on the back. Because toddler clothes should never be too serious. :)

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