Monday, June 7, 2010

Old Concert Tee Shirt to New Tank Top

I am finally back in business! After finishing a few projects that moved with me from IL, I was inspired to pump out a fun, quick tank for myself.

While unpacking, I unearthed some old concert t-shirts that had gotten lost in the process of becoming a grown-up. Obviously I felt sad for the once favorite shirts and decided to put them in my sewing room so that I could infuse some new life into them at some point. This is what caught my fancy today:
I found a tank pattern that I had forgotten I owned, and since these concert tees are men's XL, I knew they would size down really well.
The pattern encourages a tighter fit, but this tee is 15 years old (and had been very well loved prior to storage) so I decided against straining the remaining stretch in the jersey, and left it loose.
I am really excited to wear my old concert tee in a new way! The others may become bags or pillows, or who knows what, but this one was begging to be worn again.

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