Monday, June 14, 2010

Beetle Bailey and a Bum Bag

This weekend has been super-productive for me! In addition to a quickie up-cycled jersey skirt (that I didn't take a photo of), I sewed up a new sun hat for The Bear:
And a Bum Bag for myself:
This bag has a split zippered pocket on the outside and a small open pocket within. I tested out a new stabilizer on the straps, and squared off the bottom. I stuffed it chock-full-o stuff for a boat trip yesterday, and it held up like a champ!
Now that I got some personal sewing projects out of my system, I can go back to making stuff for other people! I bought a sweet t-shirt at the thrift store the other day that I am DYING to make into a bag, and I still have another dress I want to put together for Princess Peanut. Plus, I really need to restock my Artfire shop and get some things together for potential craft fairs this fall. Busy busy!

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Mira said...

I really love that hat