Monday, February 22, 2010

Fingerless Gloves...

Here in Chicago, you wouldn't know that we are in the tail end of winter. With wind chill temps consistently in the 20's, it seems that Spring may end up "sleeping in" this year. So, I thought I would take advantage of the lazy days of Winter by attempting a new crochet project.

I found a free pattern for fingerless gloves at Hobby Lobby today, and I didn't bother to even peek at the instructions before I got out my yarn and hook. What a crazy mess this pattern was!!! Reverse Single Crochet?? Front Post Half Double Crochet? WTH?!?! But, I toughed it out, and shocked myself by ending up with something functional:


biologie said...

Nice job! I wish I could make those gloves.

I was looking into learning how to crochet today. I've been putting off taking lessons because I wanted to try and teach myself but I get distracted too easily.

If I wanted lessons offered at the Independent School District it would cost me $54 for 6 sessions to learn the basics. Yeesh!

Angela said...

@Biologie - Crochet is SO EASY to learn! I'm shocked that they charge so much. If you lived near me, I would give you lessons for free! :) You know, you could get a "Learn to Crochet" book from the library. A lot of books have great illustrations that make it really simple. Good luck!