Friday, January 29, 2010

This is me procrastinating...

I have been chock-full of ideas these past few weeks, but severely lacking in staying power and motivation. Both of my nieces have birthdays coming up, and I have been busy putting together some outfits for them. The problem is that I have not been keen on actually FINISHING the outfits...

Case in point, Princess Peanut's simple wrap dress. This top is waiting on a button, I have almost finished the bloomers, and I have only gotten done with the cutting stage of the coordinating sun hat. I'm pretty sure that the girl will have outgrown this outfit before I have a chance to give it to her:
Also on the finishing pile is this super sweet pillowcase-turned-jumper for the Pretty Pretty Princess. (Am I the only one that thinks those sheep are completely awesome??) This dress could have been done weeks ago, but is still waiting on buttons (and buttonholes-eek!) at the top of the straps:
So, what have I been doing about all this unfinished business? I have been making thousands of yards of bias tape and experimenting with itty-bitty fabric yo-yos that I am using to cover buttons. Oh, and I finished some fairly uninspired projects; like this fleece jumper that I don't love as much as I thought I would:
And some lounge pants that I could sew in my sleep:
I have a brain full of exciting new refashions that I want to try out, but the unfinished projects are WEIGHING ME DOWN!! I really just need to chain myself to the sewing table this weekend and get my business done.

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