Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have been working my little fingers to the bone lately, but since the Pretty Pretty Princess hasn't been around to model for me, I am going to share a quickie project I did for the Bear.

A trip to the thrift store the other day yielded some excellent treasures. For example, I found this rockin' long sleeve T-shirt that says "Hooters" down the sleeve. My initial reaction? Those must become pants for the Bear!! So, I snipped the sleeves off:
Once the sleeves were separated from the shirt I just stuck one sleeve inside the other (right sides facing), used a pair of lounging pants to trace a "crotch curve," cut, and stitched. And, Presto Chango!
The coolest pair of jersey pants a 6 year old could ever hope to own!!
I love not having to hem, and I am grateful to own a serger for the inside seam. These bottoms took about 20 minutes to construct and they only cost me $0.88!!


littlepurpleroom said...

Totally cool and OOAK.
I was just telling my daughter about sliding one leg into the otherto sew that continuous crotch seam.
Too bad I can't find any old long sleeve shirts with arms about 3 feet long so I could make these for my husband hahaa, that would be way easy for lounging pants.

I featured you and the mittens on my blog. I meant to come tell you after I posted it, but I had to go cook something, and then it slipped my mind.
Come take a look if you like.
I'm also hosting a giveaway that ends at midnight tonight (sunday)

Angela said...

Thanks for the compliment, Diane! My son is starting to get pretty tall, so I was thrilled to find some sleeves that would work as pants for him.

I really appreciate the feature on your blog. Thank you for your interest in my little projects. :)