Monday, December 14, 2009

I swear I've been doing stuff!

Cold weather is crochet weather for me. My sewing area sits, sadly neglected, while I lounge on the couch watching old Farscape episodes and looping yarn over a hook. This year I have been very productive churning out hats and scarves. Some are gifts for specific people, but most of what I have made will be thrown in to a grab bag box for my extended family to pick through at Christmas. I found this awesome new scarf pattern, and I have gone a little nuts with it:
And then I uncovered a hat pattern buried at the bottom of my yarn bin and I decided to give that a go too! It's very basic, so I have been fooling with it a little and ended up making a cute cloche-style beanie:
Most of the scarves and hats are being constructed from half-used skeins and loose scraps. The pattern that I'm using is very fast, and I can crank one out in about 2 hours. I may actually run out of yarn by the end of winter!! I will probably have a scarf/hat giveaway in January to get rid of whatever my family doesn't take, so keep your eyes peeled!

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