Monday, December 14, 2009

I swear I've been doing stuff!

Cold weather is crochet weather for me. My sewing area sits, sadly neglected, while I lounge on the couch watching old Farscape episodes and looping yarn over a hook. This year I have been very productive churning out hats and scarves. Some are gifts for specific people, but most of what I have made will be thrown in to a grab bag box for my extended family to pick through at Christmas. I found this awesome new scarf pattern, and I have gone a little nuts with it:
And then I uncovered a hat pattern buried at the bottom of my yarn bin and I decided to give that a go too! It's very basic, so I have been fooling with it a little and ended up making a cute cloche-style beanie:
Most of the scarves and hats are being constructed from half-used skeins and loose scraps. The pattern that I'm using is very fast, and I can crank one out in about 2 hours. I may actually run out of yarn by the end of winter!! I will probably have a scarf/hat giveaway in January to get rid of whatever my family doesn't take, so keep your eyes peeled!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Recycled Sweater Mittens - GIVEAWAY!!

So I found this super easy recycled sweater mitten video tutorial here, but I super hated every second of making these. The original design involves the cuff from the donor sweater being folded over and tacked down with a button, but this seemed "unfinished" to me, so I changed it. I used the fleece to make a cuff that is attached to both the inner and outer fabrics. These gloves are ridiculously warm, but I guess that only matters if your fingers enjoying feeling like they are in a russian banya.

A few things I learned from this project:
1. Cutting and sewing felted wool leaves a fine, wool-y dust all over my sewing area
2. My sewing machine gets grumpy when clogged with wool-y dust
3. Hand sewing is for suckers
4. My fingers are claustrophobic and they don't like being sardine-packed in to mittens.

These mittens are lined with heavy fleece, and the outer fabric is felted wool recycled from an ugly thrift store sweater. They seem to fit women's hands the best. I had planned to embellish these with some ribbon or buttons or something, but you know how I get when a project annoys me. So, as usual, I AM GIVING THEM AWAY!! If anyone is interested in owning these, just leave a comment here or on my Facebook post. I will pick a winner (if anyone even responds) on Monday, December 14th. Also, I can throw in the templates if you want them. Just let me know.

Disclaimer - This is my first (and only) attempt at this pattern, so they are not perfect. But, they are finished and warm.