Friday, October 16, 2009

Fan Giveaway!! 3 Winners!!

So this time around I've smartened up and decided to offer 3 prizes for this contest!! Woohoo!

Prize #1 is a "More Cowbell" Messenger Bag made from a recycled T-Shirt and a couple of dress shirts. The bag measures appx. 12" wide and appx. 13" high.
It has 2 pockets on the outside (one on either side of the bag) appropriate for a cell phone, MP3 player, or a bunch of pens. And, there are 2 pockets inside - 1 zippered pocket (shown below) and the original dress shirt pocket with no closure.
But, the most exciting part is the fully adjustable strap!! It can adjust from appx. 26" to appx. 47"!! The strap width is around an inch or so, which makes it less bulky when you wear it across your chest ( I was thinking of all of my ample-breasted sisters out there).
Prize #2 is a handbag that I threw together from some scrap fabric. It measures appx. 9.5" square and has some pleating-ish-ness on both the front and the back:
I included a button and loop for some closure since I did not use any interfacing on this bag. Basically, it is fully cloth and completely machine washable!!
Of course, I included an inner pocket since no one leaves the house without their cell phone!
And, Prize #3 is an oldie but a goodie! It is the very first recycled T messenger bag that I made. The "Beach Bum" bag!! For pictures, click this link. This bag measures about 12.5" x 13" and it has no pockets (cut me some slack, it was my FIRST one!!) The strap ties at the top and measures 31.5"
How exciting to be able to have 3 winners this time!!
Here are the rules:
Between Oct. 5th and Oct. 16th "fan" me on Facebook (there is a link to the right of this post) and leave a comment in my Contest Discussion or on my wall letting me know that you want to participate. That's it!! So easy!!
Also, you can gain additional entries by referring new fans to my page. See the discussion board for more info on that.



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