Thursday, September 17, 2009

GIVEAWAY!! Recycled T-Shirt Tote

I have FINALLY finished the tote that I started before Zee German arrived!! It is made out of an "Ergo Proxy" T-shirt that was extra-super small, as well as some kick-ass cotton fabric I picked up at Hobby Lobby. How cute is this character?
Although the cotton fabric is fabulous, the bag still whined for some added pizazz, so I utilized some yarn that I had almost forgotten that I owned:
Now, there are no closures on this tote, but I did transform the t-shirt sleeve into an inner pocket! Obviously I used interfacing and lining on the pocket, since jersey fabric is so droopy on its own:
Also, the bottom is squared off for better stand-ability:
I love this bag. I thought about keeping it for myself, but I decided, instead, to celebrate a recent sale in my Artfire shop by GIVING IT AWAY!!! And, since this contest is all about my adoration of people who support handmade, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS FOLLOW MY BLOG!!
Just leave a comment between now and Sept. 17th letting me know that you follow and that you want the bag. (I don't want to send it to someone who has no use for it.) I will announce the winner on September 18th.
Goodluck and thanks for following my (mostly) crafty blather!


biologie said...

How cute is that bag!?@! I can see why you like it so much. I'm always in need of a tote and trying to steer clear of using plastic bags for groceries or outings. I follow your blog! <3

eatmisery said...

I absolutely LOVE that bag! I will continue to follow this blog, too!

Carrie said...

I love all of your things! You are really talented. I will add you to my RSS feed!


I LOVE THAT BAG!!! how unique. I really love it and could find so many uses for it. I am also a follower. You are a pretty talented person, and I love your work.

Upstatemomof3 said...

I follow now!! :) I do not know for sure what I will do with the bag BUT I love it! So, I will find a use for it. :)

Aik said...

I'm now following your blog! The bag is lovely!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Egater said...

So cute bag :)
I follow your blog now

Suzbax said...

I love it. Very cute and great way to recycle.

BeadBunny said...

What a darling purse! I love handmade cloth purses as I always get asked "Now where did you get that?" So--I can promote! I'm a new follower (Ally/rubymoonstoneATgmail) and I also friended you on Facebook just for fun.
Thanks for the chance!

espressogurl at hotmail dot com

joeandbridge said...

I love that tote. It's adorable. I have 4 kids-I need totes! :)
I follow your blog, follow you on Twitter and am a Fan on Facebook. Thanks!
Bridgette Groschen

Jaime said...

I am a follower and I love the bag, I can always use bags for all my travel knitting and weaving projects
copperllama at yahoo dot com

WindandRain said...

I am a blog follower!

And I absolutely -adore- the bag! You chose marvelous colors for it.


Julie said...

My daughter would like me to win this for her :)

I follow your blog

Joyful Girl Naturals said...

Love this Bag! Groceries, Mail, even as a purse... Following your blog!

littlepurpleroom said...

I follow and I want the bag.

I order tons of books from the library and the tote I have now is from the county fair....screams DORK!

I need this bag to show that I am pretty cool. It would do wonders for my image in this 2 traffic light (one has been broken for 3 years) town.

I'd even take it shopping when we go to the big city.

CathyH said...

Hi! This bag is so cool and you did a wonderful job of making it. Bravo!

Angela K said...

I follow & would love the bag!

(nick is Angela K)

felicit12 said...

I am following your blog and I just love the bag! I can't believe it's recycled!

mayzbeadz said...

i think it is so great for you to make recycled t shirt totes!!!
it takes a really long time for fabric to break down in land fills...and so many people toss out their oldies!!!!

so good for you!!!!
ps love your new guy you made!!!