Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Parting is such sucky sorrow...

It has been 5 ridiculously short weeks since Zee German came back to us, and I am shocked (as usual) by how much we have done. Besides travel and shopping, Zee German has been a busy little sewing bee during this visit, and I am shamelessly proud of her determination and imagination. After a rocky introduction to my sewing machine, she dove right in and grabbed hold of the "Even if it's not perfect, it's complete" motto. I wish I had just a portion of my girl's energy when it comes to sewing. Check out some of the things she created in her short time here.

This is a small purse she made to coordinate with a jumper dress we made together (not pictured):
She also flew solo on these 2 recycled t-shirt tote bags:

And a couple of fantastic recycled t-shirt/dress shirt/weird mumu dress I got from a relative skirts that she whipped up. All I did was the serging and elastic casing on these bad boys:
Aren't they fantastic??? Tonight I am trying to finish up a laptop case she made by attaching a zipper, and then the sewing machine is getting a break over the holiday weekend. I think my machine will appreciate this time to regain it's strength and grieve the loss of Zee German. I know that my machine and I aren't the only ones that will miss our girl desperately:

We love you, M.

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biologie said...

The "I Pinch" bag is so adorable. :)