Sunday, September 27, 2009

Goddesses come in all forms...

This will probably be my last tote for awhile since I have an awesome messenger-bag-in-the-making awaiting my attention. Plus, I have a custom order from my 6 year old for a "Hell Bat" Halloween costume.
This tote used a "Garage Sale Goddess" t-shirt that I bought for $0.44 at my favorite thrift store, some leftover asian fabric, and a nylon strap that I stole off of one of my husband's duffel bags (shhh!):
I experimented with patchwork on this bag since red can be a really abrasive color without anything to break it up. I'm happy with how it turned out, and I am shocked that there is no puckering at the seams! But, I ran out of the asian fabric for the liner, so I had to add some extra jersey to the bottom:
It turned out pretty cool, though. I should probably keep this for myself since I am a total garage sale freak, but I think I'll list it in Artfire and see how it goes.
Also, with the cooler weather approaching, I am going to be testing out new techniques for photographing my stuff indoors. What do you think of the checkered material? Too much? I thought it worked well as a backdrop to the red. Am I totally delusional, or what?
Oh, and I'm thinking of creating a tutorial for these recycled t-shirt totes since they are super easy. Does anyone want to see that, or do you think there are enough tutorials floating around for totes?
Feedback, people! I need feedback! :)

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biologie said...

Love it!!!! >.<

So cute.