Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Call of the Ribbon

I threw together another tote/shoulder bag yesterday in an effort to minimize my "project" pile. (These T-shirts are reproducing, I swear!!) I had a really hard time picking out a lining fabric to coordinate with the shirt because I desperately wanted to highlight the blue/green in the screenprint. So, I had to run to Hobby Lobby for some fabric and look at what else I found:
You're probably wondering what I was thinking with the ribbon. Well, here's what I thought when I saw it - "HOLY CRAP! PINK AND BLACK ZEBRA PRINTED FAUX FUR RIBBON!?!? Most. Awesome. Thing. Ever."
I am not generally a supporter of animal print fashion accessories, but this ribbon spoke directly to me in soft, sensual tones telling me that my tote would be nothing without it. Thank goodness I listened to the ribbon!
Aaaaah......isn't it fabulous??

1 comment:

littlepurpleroom said...

ALWAYS Listen to the ribbon!

Gorgeous. Just the right thing.

Love your bags.