Monday, August 17, 2009

The Neglected Garden

This is what happens when you go on vacation for 8 days and no one tends your garden:
So, most of the day yesterday was spent grating, mixing, baking, and chopping. And, after all of that work, I still have 4 zucchini to prep. :( It only took 1 zucchini to yield 2 loaves of bread (we started eating a loaf already) and a big freezer bag of chopped zucchini for stews:
This is the rest of the baking we did over the weekend. Chocolate Chip cookies, chocolate chip muffins, and the zucchini breads. This week I am making zucchini muffins, zucchini soup, banana bread, banana pancakes, and YET MORE zucchini bread. Anyone need any baked goods? :)
Never fear, though, I am actually working on some sewing today too. I had an idea for a tote that I am putting together right now. Hopefully I will have pictures of that tomorrow.

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