Thursday, August 6, 2009

It all started with Vegas...

I'm going to Vegas this week, and I knew I wanted to have a cute "girl's night out" ensemble. So, I rummaged through my "shirts that are too small for civilized people to wear in public," and I found a sweet little emo top that I got for free somewhere along the way. After that discovery, I chose a coordinating fabric and got the ball rolling. Of course, in the middle of the project I realized that I needed a bag to match, so I whipped up a little hip pouch. It's bigger than I envisioned, but it will definitely hold all of my stuff!
I had to buy the belt to thread through the pouch. I figure if I'm going to Vegas, I may as well go chains and all with this outfit!

Okay, it is really windy today, and everytime I tried for a side shot the breeze would morph the skirt in to a butt-hugger. So, I squatted a little to show you how it naturally falls:
This is the outfit without the pouch. I think I should have de-boxified the shirt a little by pulling in the side seams, but I have had enough of this project. I just want to wear it and be done!
I think this outfit sums up my opinion of Vegas night life, and I am psyched to wear it! Now, if I only had shoes to match....
Total Cost = $9.99 (for the belt). All the fabric was on hand already, and the t-shirt was free!
Total Time = *shrugs* I kept walking away, coming back, modifying it... But it would have been quick if I had just created a plan initially and stuck with it. :)

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