Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zee German Messenger

My German is visiting for a few weeks, and since we have some down time before our "Grand Adventure" to Vegas next week, we have been busy sewing. Sunday was spent at the local community thrift store (NOT over-priced Goodwill) shopping for t-shirts. I love that we found a ton of shirts for under $1. Like this I-Tunes shirt:
It was perfect for the German music lover:
So, I gave her a crash course on messenger-bag-making, and she did AWESOME! This is not a beginner pattern, and she cranked it out like a champ. How amazing is the coordinating dress shirt she chose???
And, we incorporated the dress shirt pocket, added a zippered pocket, and fashioned an IPod pocket on the strap (of course!).
It is so hard to teach a beginner to sew an advanced pattern (which we altered along the way), and this experience has taught me to take it slow and start with the basics in the future. I was very fortunate to have someone with zeal who learns quickly for this project, but if I ever decide to teach a class I will definitely use an easier pattern.

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biologie said...

Nice! Looking forward to hearing more about Vegas. "I-tune you out"...epic.